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A series "In Core"

technique: color linocut with watercolor; limited edition of 3; 3 artworks from a series are exposing

Ornamental decorative styling compositions series “In Core” allows to develop a system of symbolic images which are not visual concepts, rather categories philosophical nature. Symbolism of images draws full picture, reveals the essence of the composition. A method of image series “In Core” is an allegory – an expression of abstract ideas (concepts) through concrete artistic images, and which carry a symbolism.
Series “In Core” consists of monumental poliptyсhs, but in a way that even every single piece of the overall composition reveals a new story, and only collecting all poliptyсh see the overall development of the plot – a series of stories, united for disclosure symbolism and complete of the composition.

"Beginning - Fertilization"; 90х60 cm

"Cordiality Grain"

"Ripe Fruit"

"Ripe Fruit"

"Cordiality Eaters"


Poliptyсh "Cordiality Oak"; 60х90 cm





"At the Entrance"

"Bowl of Fruits"



"Birth of Wisdom"

Poliptyсh "Cycle of Life"; size: 75х90 cm

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