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• For customers

Vector, raster, traditional illustration. Design development: packaging design, logo,
branding, poster, video game design, advertising illustration, design and book illustration,
seamless pattern. contact on email: designer@p-s-art.com

• To purchase artworks

Originals of graphics and painting (etching, linocut, lithography, drawing,
watercolor, oil painting) size of artworks specified on the site, for more
details about purchase contact on email: plotnikova@p-s-art.com

Print of any original of series in A3 format ((30x40 cm) field of print depends on
size of the original artwork), printed on quality paper with the author`s
signature and facsimile on the reverse side, order on emeil: plotnikova@p-s-art.com

The sculpture which has status open for order, for more details
about purchase contact on email: miniature@p-s-art.com

• Collaboration

For gallery owners, art dealers, publishers with any questions or suggestions
contact on email: plotnikova@p-s-art.com

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