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About me
Вікторія ПлотніковаVictoria Plotnikova is Ukrainian artist, Kharkiv city.

• Education:

1996-2000 yr - Art School №1 named after Repin in Kharkiv

2003-2005 yr - Kharkiv National Academy of Municipal Economy, town-planning faculty

2007-2013 yr - Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Fine Arts, the Faculty of Fine Arts, specialty printmaking graphics.

• Activities:

Vector, raster, traditional graphics. Painting, sculpture. Design development. Working on series, participating in contests and exhibitions.

• Works in collections:

Works of the artist are in private collections in Ukraine, Russia, Japan, Finland, Germany, USA, Italy and Poland.

• Critics:

L. L. Savitskaya, Doctor of Arts: "The works performed Victoria characterize her as a person and artist, owning civic maturity, understanding figurative essence, and constitute undoubted advantage of her works ...".

• Competitions:

2019 - Participation in H.A.P. art contest "Catalyzing Hope" in Toronto, Canada   

2018 - Participation in illustration biennial Ilustrarte2018 in Castelo Branco, Portugal

2017 - Participation in IV Tragaluz International Illustration Award, illustration of Greek Myth ”Daedalus and Icarus”, Medellín, Colombia

2017 - Participation in Сheltenham Illustration Awards 2017, Illustration the theme of which is «Tales Through Others Eyes», Сheltenham, UK

2016 - Participation in Poster for tomorrow, posters design "Make Extremism History", Paris, France

2016 - Participation in Gentletude, International Competition logo design for 13th November – the Kindness World Day, Milan, Italy

2016 - Participation in 8th International Exlibris and Small Graphic Art Competition «The Dreams of Gdansk Neptune», Gdansk, Poland

2016 - Participation in Ukrainian competition for the best sketches of jewelry design, Kyiv

2016 - Application for international competition exhibition NordArt 2016, Büdelsdorf, Germany

2015 - Participation in international competition of "An EX LIBRIS for Museo Nazionale della Montagna", Torino, Italy

2015 - Participation in competition UK/raine: Emerging artists from The UK and Ukraine, Saatchi Gallery, UK, London

2015 - Participation in competition of projects typical tombstones on the graves of those killed in the ATO, project for participation, Kyiv

2014 - Participation in the competition socio-political caricature "Maidan", 5 illustrations, Kyiv

2006 - Participation in the competition "Articon" art in style comics art, 5 illustration, Kyiv

• Exhibitions:

2013 - Exhibition and performance "Art to the masses", 10 artworks from the series "Urban scenes", "Com.Kv" Kharkiv

2010 - Exhibition and performance "Art to the masses", 10 artworks from the series "Whims of cats", "Com.Kv" Kharkiv

2000 - Exhibition competition in exhibition hall in KSIBA, the best illustration to poetry, 4 illustrations, Kharkiv

1999 - Exhibition in the Exhibition Hall Art School named after Repin - "Summer Landscape", 5 artworks, Kharkiv

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