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A series "Urban Scenes"

technique: etching; size: 20,5х29,5 cm; limited edition of 15; 12 artworks from a series are exposing
A serie of “Urban Scenes” – a grotesque illustrations to life in the city – it was very interesting to describe how people are going to form of lively stream – the crowd, but at the same time everyone in this mass remains unique in its own way, completely separated. Therefore considering is the relationship of specific people could see many variations of one story. City – the arena of action, expressing emotions, or even accidental, and that was shown in this series.


"The Mayor"

"Selection of Candidate"

"Big Love"

"Happiness in your Hands"

"City News"



"Between two Windows"

"Speed of Time"

"Greedy Dog"


Cycle "On the bench"

technique: etching; size: 15,7х20 cm; edition of 15; 2012


"The Prodigal Son"


"Three Graces"

Poliptyсh "Market Day"

technique: etching in three colors; size: 20,5х77 cm; edition of 15; 2011

Left part

Left central part

Right central part

Right part

Poliptyсh "Market Day"

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