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A series "Confrontation"

technique: ink, tea stained paper; 18 artworks from a series are exposing

Graphic series “Confrontation” is a multi-subject composition combined into a single line of philosophical and artistic – the foundation around which all stories develop – creating more complete picture of the image or illuminating it from other side. Each graphic sheet – a separate story – the new story. But the main purposes of the series “Confrontation” are the study and simultaneously an illustration of the social and cultural life of society and distinct personality with his psychological characteristics and own aspirations in particular.
The entire series is based on the use of the “central metaphor” – comparing human and tree – this are “main characters”. Referring to the image of a tree, on the one hand we see a symbol of wisdom, spiritual growth, restoring life and even life itself generalizing character. On the other hand that is paradox, complexity and inconstancy of human psychology is the foundation of the world depicted in contradictory artworks of series “Confrontation”.

"Great Victory"

"Breath of Greatness"

"Tree of Memories"


"Flaming flash"

"Hot afternoon"

"Ripe fruits"

"Snowed in Hoariness"



"Elegant bend"

"Faceted Course"

"Hot Night"

"Depth of Intoxication"

"Memories of Black Dog"



"The Stolen Memories"

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