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A series "Oblivion"

technique: watercolor, paper; size: 20х30 cm; 12 artworks from a series are exposing

A series “Oblivion” – this is illustrations to the psychological state of man, his feelings. In the center of each picture there is the deployment of the plot, but there is no dynamics of any action, it sketches of frozen figures at the moment of emotional memories and reflections. Their feelings, which clearly depicted on the faces and it is important, emotions holds them, they moved into a certain state of “oblivion” when everything else around is losing value.
This face`s emotional play expressive and symbolic poses – the key to reveal the gist of each portrait, unraveling the feelings of the protagonists.



"Cold Memories"

"The Final Step"


"Not Couple"


"Without Resistance"

"The Essence in Hands"

"Native Stones"


"Broken Branch"

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