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About me

Олександр СтепанецьAlexander Stepanets Ukrainan artist, illustrator, designer

• Education:

1999-2003 yr - Art School № 1 named after Repin in Kharkiv

2007-2013 yr - Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Fine Arts, the Faculty of Fine Arts, specialty printmaking graphics

• Activities:

Vector, raster, printmaking graphics creating. Commercial illustration. Design concept and development

• Projects:


• Works in collections:

The artist's artworks are in private collections in Ukraine, Japan, Germany, USA, Italy and Poland

• Art critic:

L. L. Savitskaya, Doctor of Arts (KSADFA): "Allegory in contemporary art is quite rare. The main method of image allegories is generalize human concepts. To this language Stepanets appeals for showing in his works the depth of his thoughts. It is worth noting his desire to create consistent semantic composition ..."

• Competitions:

2020 - Participation in Сheltenham Illustration Awards 2020, Illustration the theme of which is «I am many stories», Сheltenham, UK

2020 - Participation in the "Carapelli for Art", Italy

2020 - Participation in Royal Society of Biology Competition "Our changing world", London, UK

2020 - Participation in NAVS’ 2020 Art for Animals Contest, Chicago, USA

2019 - Participation in Сheltenham Illustration Awards 2019, Illustration the theme of which is «All together now», Сheltenham, UK

2019 - Participation in H.A.P. art contest "Catalyzing Hope" in Toronto, Canada   

2018 - Participation in illustration biennial Ilustrarte2018 in Castelo Branco, Portugal

2017 - Participation in Poster for tomorrow, posters design "Freedom of Movement", Paris, France

2017 - Participation in IV Tragaluz International Illustration Award, Illustration of German fairy tale “Hansel and Gretel”, recorded by the Brothers Grimm, Medellín, Colombia

2017 - Participation in Сheltenham Illustration Awards 2017, Illustration the theme of which is «Tales Through Others Eyes», Сheltenham, UK

2016 - Participation in Poster for tomorrow, posters design "Make Extremism History", Paris, France

2016 - Participation in Gentletude, International Competition logo design for 13th November – the Kindness World Day, Milan, Italy

2016 - Participation in 8th International Exlibris and Small Graphic Art Competition «The Dreams of Gdansk Neptune», Gdansk, Poland

2016 - Participation in Leica Oscar Barnack Award, Wetzlar, Germany

2016 - Application for international competition exhibition NordArt 2016, Büdelsdorf, Germany

2015 - Participation in international competition of "An EX LIBRIS for Museo Nazionale della Montagna", Torino, Italy

2015 - Participation in competition UK/raine: Emerging artists from The UK and Ukraine, Saatchi Gallery, UK, London

2015 - Participation in competition of projects typical tombstones on the graves of those killed in the ATO, project for participation, Kyiv

2014 - Participation in the competition socio-political caricature "Maidan", 5 illustrations, Kyiv

2006 - Participation in the competition "Articon" art in style comics art, 5 illustration, Kyiv

• Exhibitions:

2013 - Exhibition and performance "Art to the masses", 10 artworks from the series "In Core", "Com.Kv" Kharkiv

2010 - Exhibition and performance "Art to the masses", 10 artworks from the series "Word as Blade", "Com.Kv" Kharkiv

2000 - Exhibition competition in exhibition hall in KSIBA, the best illustration to poetry, 2 illustrations, Kharkiv

1999 - Exhibition in the Exhibition Hall Art School named after Repin - "Summer Landscape", 3 artworks, Kharkiv

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