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Triptych "Prayer"

technique: paper, Italian pencil; size: 60х120 cm; 2013

Triptych “Prayer”, has in its structure a universal philosophical concept, that moment of everyday life. The left part “Morning” – a Ukrainian breakfast – simple and heartfelt, it starts with gratitude, with a prayer to the Mother of God for the living. The composition is full of symbols – rye, bread and salt, white rushnyk, mallow and above all of this – icon. The right part “Night” – the opposite in mood and meaning of the composition. This is also a prayer but for the dead, for their souls. Symbols of the composition – blackthorn branches, candle, bible and skull, black mourning rushnyk. Also here we see window wrapped rushnyk on which points a candle, it is a symbol of life extension – coming morning. The central part “Dinner Prayers” – a composition “invitation” – here image of only hands that hold the cross and every viewer, standing in front of triptych “Prayer” becomes that compositional center.

Triptych "Prayer"


"Dinner Prayers"


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