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A series "Vicious"

technique: etching; size: 15х20 cm; limited edition of 15; 2009-2015 yr; 20 artworks from a series are exposing

A series of etchings “Vicious” one of the most straight and tough emotional in terms of conceptual and compositional embodiment. Each etching contains author`s proverb – which illustrated grotesque form images. Hard satirical images, with expressive incarnation, revealing the essence of proverbs, and sometimes complementary, creating a single visual and philosophical image.
The basis for the compositions of the series “Vicious” are stories that reveal the “human essence” – critical times for the individual – a picture of human weaknesses and the ability to resist them.


"Selfishness Comes out"

"Long Tongue Because a Fool"

"Punishment for Fervent Word"

"Napoleon Born"

"In Search of Light"

"He is tired"

"Terrible Beast"

"That into the Confidence that His Ass"

"Raiders of the Lost"


"Sulked Like a Balloon"

"From the Sky Money in Bag"

"Ballet Master"

"He Takes on the Throat of"


"Skilfully hid"

"Always on horse because ears peeled"

"As fish in the sea"

"Tutelage absurdity or too caressed"

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